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ChezRoberts Services website management has evolved from the in-house production by John of Gaia School of Natural Health website to developing, designing, hosting and managing websites for the wider community.

About ChezRoberts Services

Principles and philosophy       
  • Customer first
  • Helpful
  • Continual development
  • Honesty

Topics of interest

Ten suggestions for improving SEO rankings

  1. Consistently add new and relevant content to your site
  2. Make Urls contain the keywords for which you are optimising
  3. Remove any type of duplicate content from your site
  4. Utilise social sharing buttons on your site
  5. Add new content to social bookmarking sites
  6. Create effective title tags incorporating target key words
  7. Avoid low quality link sites in favour of sites with higher page rankings
  8. Improve your on page content structure (H1, bolding, anchor text)
  9. Write for your readers not just search engines
  10. Conduct a full site audit to determine issues.

Do you notice how many sites generated using wordpress are almost clones - Why not “Break the mould” and have a uniquely developed website crafted by a genuine person and not some bot.