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Our services are tailored to every client individually, ensuring that your business only receives attention in the areas that are required.

Channel your energies on delivering to your customers. Don't waste your time and energy creating a website yourself when ChezRoberts Services is here to help guide you through the process.

Benefit of using ChezRoberts Services:

  • Straight forward, trustworthy personal service
  • 24 hour response times
  • Unique solutions
  • Free SSL certification using Free SSL certification with Let's Encrypt
  • SEO friendly web design

Have you been with your web provider for a long time? Do you feel you are getting value for money? Do you only hear from them once a year when they send their renewal invoice? Well perhaps you need to move to ChezRoberts Services and receive a more committed service.

What services and website features are available?

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Hosting your domain and on-going technical maintenance for the year ahead, when you agree to ChezRoberts Services providing a fully managed website service.


A domain name is your website’s address on the internet.

Select and control your own unique domain name be it “.com”, “”, “”., etc.

Some web hosts offer website address as sub-domains, which means that you lose your site should you wish to move to a new host later.

I encourage and provide support for you to buy your own domain name from a recommended domain name reseller, which you can retain legal ownership of should you wish to move another host.


With your own domain name you can establish a unique professional Email.

Promote yourself e.g. rather than another company such as or


With webmail access as part of your email account set up you are able to access you emails over the internet without you needing to download the e-mail to a local mail server.


No hosting/web design company can guarantee top rankings on web searches (even Google don't) however with good web design, coding and using various tools such as SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, rankings can be improved.

I provide a focus on Google, although other search engines are catered for.


Online contact forms can be included on a webpage to allow your customer to contact you without leaving your website.


Understanding where your traffic comes from and what pages potential customers are looking at is important if you want to focus your sites messaging.

Reporting and Statistics e.g. volume of traffic, where it originates (country) and via which search engine are available.


You can easily have your website linked to other websites such as affiliated professional organisations etc.

In fact for Reflexology Therapists we can potentially link in to an established series of websites and traffic already.


Web security is increasingly important and so users need to feel secure that when they visit your site they minimise their risk to security threats

If desired, incorporation of an SSL certification (web address padlock) illustrates trusted connectivity to your website.

A padlock representing secure website connection

Feature links to or even embed your social networks like Twitter, GooglePlus or Facebook pages, comments etc. into your website.


Incorporate Google MAPs API so that you can provide location information.


Through efficient CSS coding we can develop photo and image galleries to satisfy your presentation requirements.


I use core HTML5, CSS3 and PHP for coding.

If useful, WordPress ® web design package can be utilised, along with Javascript solutions.


Depending on your needs you may want a webpage that scrolls on forever or have many different webpages. The design/style is up to you.

Don't limit yourself with hosts that limit you to 1 or 5. At the end of the day you provide the content to the website so if you use 1 or 50 so be it.


If you already own a domain and want to move to a new host, then I can take care of the transfer process.


My office is located on the Wirral and UK based Cloud Hosting offers superior speed, support and security.

100% SSD cloud hosting, unlimited bandwidth and standard back-ups.


Good websites need to be maintained and content updated regularly; so as the ChezRoberts Services websites are all custom built, we can incorporate additional features later.


There are thousands of website designs/templates available which you may wish to emulate. However with your inspiration and my technical skills we can generate through the flexibility of different colours, fonts, images and even video to generate a bespoke website for you.

If you already own a logo or corporate brand, then we can incorporate these into your new website.



Please contact ChezRoberts Services Website management for a free consultation to establish what your requirements are and what the likely costs will be.

Please research prices for website hosting, maintenance, design and management, as you will find ChezRoberts Services prices to be very competitive indeed.

Please note no VAT is currently charged on ChezRoberts Services so for small enterprises you will benefit from a 20% saving.

Set-up costs may be spread over the year depending on subsequently agreed payment terms.